Thursday, August 15, 2013

Are You A Gary Fan?

I admit I'm a huge fan of Running Man, especially Kang Gary. I like the other runningmen and JiHyo too, but what I like about Kang Gary a lot is his "steam"/act dumb face. He never fails to crack me up. His favorite quote - "Stress!" whenever he responded to others fooling around with him and the way he talks is really funny! Not to mention his skill of rapping. He belongs to a group named LeeSSang. I seldom listen to their songs but I fell in love with this one in particularly when I was in my friend's car when he played it. Its called "Nunmul" / "Tears". This song feats YuJin/Eugene from another girl group called SeeYa and her voice is very mesmerizing.

Check the video out, english subtitles are available:
(P.S: people who just went through a break up please don't watch as to prevent flood)

LeeSSang(리쌍) _ Tears(눈물) (Feat. Eugene(유진) of THE SEEYA) MV

Maybe in future I should blog about songs I listen or close to what I feel/ inspire me. I should blog more about Running Man too. ;)

A picture of Kang Gary:


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