Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I'm a cap addict, I would love to collect caps but its an expensive hobby as a Malaysian. Anyone who owns an authentic cap would know that one cap ranges about RM90 - 150 after currency conversion. As a result, I can only own a few. I've been finding caps all around but the choices are really limited, maybe I havent search in KL Central. And there are too many replicas in Malaysia, buying online would be a safe choice.

I like Running Man and I love those caps Gary and HAHA wear. Those caps look really cool and unique. Recently, I came to know a cap brand from New York called New Era. Remember the Iron Man cap HAHA wore in Avengers episode? Its from New Era. I started to pay attention to New Era and I found their designs are something I would like to own. They also collaborated with people like Andy Warhol and Jeremy Scott. Recently they came out with Marvel series and I love them!

Here are some designs that I like:

HAHA with Iron Man 3 cap. He totally make it so popular among Running fans.

All the colors are so nice!

Jeremy Scott Embellished 59FIFTY Cap

Andy Warhol Multicamo 59FIFTY Cap

Coca Cola Enjoy Coke 59FIFTY Cap

Sorry I'm Fresh Branded Custom Collection 59FIFTY Cap

I figured out that all designs I like are from 59FIFTY section. LOL :P

Check out your favourites: www.neweracap.com/
And follow their official instagram for latest updates: http://instagram.com/neweranyc 

Also, check out these caps from Sakun from Korea. Its something different from other caps. They have really colorful designs and makes you happy just seeing them: http://sakun.co.kr/app/product/detail/1109/0

Giraffe with Sakun G-Cell Cap 2.0(Multi)

I personally want this G-CEO Cap 1.0!

Thats all for today, I will blog more about Indie brands from Korea next time! Ciaoz ;)

Question: Does anyone knows what brand is Gary's caps? 


  1. Oh can I see your collection??? =D
    (I do not own any cap thought, i like Tropicana Life's caps but I don't know how to match them with clothes...)

    1. I only have one so far. Dint collect as I mentioned that they are quite expensive.
      Show me yours :)

    2. Mine are still on the wishlist, haha...
      I like this one, simple design and looks comfortable to wear.

  2. Heard about HATER Snapback before? It's pretty bold and new design, u might like it too. I bought 2 recently. Check out my vlog too!

    1. Ya, heard it before. Thanks for sharing! I will!