Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Authentic Or Replica?

I came across a youtube video of YAASUI's and was really inspired to blog a response for the issue discussed in the video.

Please watch it first:


So how many of you actually purposely (or accidentally) bought replicas before? And how many of you don't mind wearing one at all? I've saw websites or blogshops selling labels like Boy London, Celine and etc. for about RM30 per t-shirt. And for that price, I belief people actually know that those are replicas?

The difference between a original and a replica is the quality of the cloth they used to made it. And the printing difference can be spotted easily. Its really a shame if anyone spots you wearing a fake one. For example, imagine you're walking through Boy London's store wearing a fake Boy London T-shirt which the design are not from an authentic Boy London. That will be awkward.

I've never seen these designs in Boy London's official website:

Despite that the fashion designers cannot take any useful actions against this as there are just too many on the market, some people don't actually bother about it. I pity them sometimes because they really put in a lot effort to create their own brand. Now I know that some could not afford pricey authentic items, for example, students or people who doesn't get paid much but want to look like the same as their favourite fashion bloggers/ models/ kpop idols do. You can copy their style, but not necessary the brands they wear. Maybe get something which is similar and cheaper but definitely not a replica. If you want to be fashionable but you support replicas, belief me, people will discover and that is not cool at all. There are ways which you can look just as good wearing cheaper-no-brand-non-replica items. You don't need to copy others to look good. Like the guy in the video said, "Fashion can be bought, but style is born from within". Create your own style!

I admit that I'm quite lucky to be born into a well-off family and despite that I'm still a student, I get the chance to wear branded stuffs my family bought me. I have few DKNY, CK, Ralph Lauren, GUESS etc. in my closets but those are bought from the US, and trust me, they really cost a lot less there. Ask anyone who went there before! I belief the price is triple or more in Malaysia. In my opinion, since I'm only a student, I really don't think its wise for me to buy anything from those higher branded shops. I've never bought anything branded except brands like TopShop, ZARA and Forever21. They are quite expensive too but they are more affordable if you compare to brands like DKNY and etc.. Some people said I'm rich because they always see me wearing those brands. What they don't know is that I only buy discount items. I seldom buy normal price items. I think this is a good way to save and you can get a good quality clothing as well. What I always tell people is: Not everyone is rich, we can't expect to spend like rich people does, I buy non-branded cheap clothes too, sometimes they just cost me about 20. Fashion can be created, its not bound by anything, you can buy cheaper price clothes and still look stylish.

A few times people asked me whether I'm wearing genuine stuffs, but I can proudly tell them, "I only buy real stuffs, if I can't afford a real one, I'd rather not wear a replica."

Respect to those fashion designers! :)

P.S: sorry if anyone feels offended but I'll continue to write whatever I like/ my personal opinion since its my blog. TEEHEE!
(Anyone with any feedbacks are free to write a response in the chat box.)

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