Tuesday, September 24, 2013


BTOB, the acronym of 'B'orn' 'TO' 'B'eat, is a korean group consists of 7 guys. They're junior of BEAST, from the same company - Cube Entertainment. They call their fans Melody. And these 2 groups are my favourite groups of all korean boy groups. The way they dance is very hypnotizing and I cant take my eyes of them! Whoever composed their songs, I pay my respect. The style, the rhythm and the lyrics of their songs, which being put together means perfect! I feel I can related to them.

Members of the group:

EunKwang 은광

MinHyuk 민혁

ChangSub 창섭

HyunSik 현식

Peniel 프니엘

SungJae 성재

Last but not least, IlHoon 일훈 

Videos from BTOB:

Thriller - latest video released in September


비밀(Secret) / Insane - My favourite! So sad it makes you cry.

If you want to know more about them:

BTOB Profile


Okay I started to act like a super fan now. I shall stop now.

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