Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Color Lenses from Korea

我和朋友开始在FB 销售韩国进口的颜色隐形眼镜。

我们亲自试戴了所有隐形眼镜。我们有大量不同的颜色,你可以找到适合你自己的专属颜色!我们也有售卖 Silicon 隐形眼镜,特别针对眼睛干燥的朋友们。

这些隐形眼镜是通过CE 和 ISO 验证,有证书的。这些隐形眼镜都是采用三明治科技来注入颜色: 颜色层夹在两个透明层中间,防止颜色滲透眼睛。我们的隐形眼镜也具备防 UV 紫外线的保护层。

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Me and my friends started selling colored lenses imported from Korea.

We tested the lenses ourselves before agreed on selling them. We have a wide range of colors available. We also sell silicon lenses which are suitable for people with dry eyes.

These lenses were approved by CE and ISO. The lenses were made using sandwich method: colors of the lens were embedded between 2 layers of clear film to prevent direct contact to the eyes. Our lenses also include UV protection.


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