Monday, September 2, 2013

Anything for Food and Fashion

When I'm writing a new post, I always think of how to organize my paragraphs. Its a headache. So this time I'm gonna copy what my friend said: One day I went to Ippudo Ramen Shop, ordered a bowl of ramen, and took some pictures... end. LOL. Ippudo is located at Pavillion. Basically the soup is the same for all ramen, just the toppings are different. I ordered the original one. One bowl costs about RM30. Not cheap eh? But its famous so we had to try it. And I like their noodles! So Q! 


*Spicy* Hungry?

We also tried Ooh My Gas -- You can customize your own nitrogen ice cream and they make it on the spot. First, you need to choose a base (Gelato/Ice-cream/Soy milk). Next, choose a flavour and finally, add the toppings. I've never tasted an ice-cream so nice in my life. I will definitely go back for it.

I was as excited as a kid. Seriously, who wouldn't. 


I personally recommend this: Hazelnut Nutella gelato with pecan. It tasted like OMG.

 Last stop: Tom, Dick and Harry's to chill. Look at their ceiling, they have their menus hanging.

Fashion Post:

I like Charles and Keith's glasses. They are worth the price because they have Zeiss' UV protection. And some even have Swarovski embellishment. 

Pink glasses

Tried all their glasses. This one's my fav, a bit like robocop. 

Wearing: San Segal XL T-shirt from mom, H&M skirt, Nike shoes

Girls go grab these skirts from H&M, so cheap, only RM19.90.

Got this awesome watch from Grandpa Flash (Flash's a little name my friends gave him). Its actually my sis'. Laughed so hard when we received this. BlackJack and Russian Roulette. So him.