Sunday, August 11, 2013

This Is An Emotional Post

I've been thinking of my lack of emotion complains from my friends. I'm not lack of emotions, I just don't know how to express myself. Its like if I show too much and nobody cares, then that'll be awkward, right? And I don't really know how to show more emotions towards people which I'm not very familiar with. I don't feel comfortable showing all my emotions. However, I don't have that problem with my family, my BFFs and animals. So, if people get my poker face, its not that I don't like them, Its my nature. Or maybe I'm not really interested in the conversation's topic but I'm too polite to say sorry, I'm not interested and offend them (which I've already offended some). Or as simple as I'm thinking on how to come out with a good reply. Thus, its really hard for me to get friends which I could hang around with. For that, I really appreciate friends that stay beside me all the time ;)

Besides that, I'm not cold blooded. I do feel like what a normal person feels. I don't like people calling me ice queen and so fort. People who call people cold blooded without a valid reason are really cold blooded themselves.

Thirdly, I know some people who talks badly behind me for leisure. I don't mind for their entertainment. I just don't understand why they forever don't have the balls to confront me. Like I need to continue act dumb? But recently I've just confronted a girl because I beh tahan already and she was shocked. *start complaining non-stop, oops!*

And nowadays I saw a lot of girls throwing tantrums on Facebook due to relationship problems. I'm not a pro/ guru since I've never been in a committed relationship. But here are some things my mama taught me:
1) Never aim for a guy's money, If he loves you, he'll be willing to spend on you, if he's not, even though he's rich like Bill Gates, he won't spend a penny on you.
2) 宁缺勿滥。Sorry, this is kinda hard to translate but I'll make it simple -Never simply accept any guy  just because you can't get a guy.
3) 情人眼里出西施。Not everyone's a pageant queen, there must be a guy who understands your beauty.
4) The guy you love till the end of the world won't love you back/ cheated on you? No worries, there will always be a man at home that treat you sincerely. Or like my mama always told me, love God, love yourself, thats what you should always do.
5) You can't control a guy who doesn't love you and you don't need to control a guy who loves you, he'll control himself.
6) There's still more, but I forgot. Hehehe... I'll add them up here when I remember :P
7) This I add up from myself: Don't try to fake yourself in favor of another person. Imagine you have to fake all the way throughout your life.

Okay the long essay ends here. Despite of the long paragraphs I just wrote, recently, I'm really out of inspirations to blog about.  I need help! Running out of ideas...

Anyway, went to a beach in Batu Feringghi called Miami Beach. Its not really in Miami, its a beach in Penang island. We chose this place cause its less crowded, means we had more privacy. I packed some food I've actually made myself (family helps too), got there, and just sat there and kept eating since I dint have my lunch.

And oh! Not forgetting the pictures! :

 I'm so tan -_-

Golden Sunset

I love the feeling of using feet grabbing the sand

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