Sunday, August 11, 2013

Party non stop!

Was at Gurney Euro Deli yesterday. Beers are really cheap here! If you go before 9pm, you get 1 free pint for every pint. After 9pm, you get 1 free pint for every 2 pints. But since we cant decide how many pints we can finish, we decided to order a tower. Only one kind of german beer (I've forgot whats the name, but I still prefer Erdinger) is available for the tower.

And to our surprise, the tower was amazing! I've never seen a tower so nice! An eiffel! One tower costs about $130. It looks small but its enough for 4 persons. The people beside our table asked if they could take a snap. And they taught us how to take pictures, well sort of, when you want a nice picture of you smiling, you should say "qian!" (钱/money). Why do I always meet funny people everywhere I go?

Sorry my face so white. But make up ma. Pretty ma. Better than ugly. Right? Lol.

The three piggies. Who's affraid of the big bad wolf?


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