Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Its My Birthday Imma Do What I Want!

I've been to MTV Worldstage 2013 in Malaysia featured Robin Thicke, Far East Movement, Exo and Joe Flizzow. Who else's been to MTV Worldstage? Its a great experience! I had lots of fun! But on the other hand, Exo's fans were scary!!! They kept pushing and tried to squeeze in forward, until I saw one girl fainted and was carried away. On the same time, I kept pushing backwards with my sis arm in arm so they wont cut in front of me. Belief me, I've burn so much calories on that night. Not that I hate Exo, I listen to few of their songs, but that moment been squeezed like a sardine in a tin can, I wished they could end their performance quickly so I can breathe. Plus, I couldnt get to see one of their faces at all. All fans with their hands and phone cameras up, I only get to glimspe at the screen. Thank God for the Big Screen! To be honest I went there because of Far East Movement! They performed for about 1 hour and they were AWESOME! And they brought a big yellow ducky with them! Its a pain that the dude in front of me was super tall and before I could touch the ducky like 3 times, he pushed it away. And finally its Robin Thicke's turn to come out, all along I was waiting for the "Hey hey hey"/ Blurred Lines song only. So typical of me. :P All the while, the most peaceful part was Joe Flizzow's. *feel bad*

Tickets to partyland

Me and sis waiting to go in

Can you imagine 15 thousand people in a small concert space?

We got a space quite near to the stage!

Ok who's that from Exo? I'm guessing Luhan/ D.O? 

I see Kev Nish enjoying himself


Awkward Duck in the middle

Kev Nish I'm hereeeeeeee!!! You guys are the best! *Thumbs up!*

"Everybody get up! Hey Hey Hey!"

Was one meter away from him

Tips for worldstage: don't wear any fancy clothes or high heels, wear as casual as possible, like me and my sis in the pic, you'll get all sweaty and possibility of falling.

It was raining during concert but I still enjoyed it very much. And have you ever tried sweating in rain? Finally, thanks my friends who sent me the pictures and video so I could publish this post. And really really grateful towards my friend who got us the ticket!

Bad quality video taken by me from the concert. The bass was real loud.

Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines (Thick faced went up and asked the new stranger friend to send me this)


The next day I went to university like a soul-less zombie

But instead of going home right away after classes, I went party again with my classmate for my birthday celebration. This is what you do when you're young, crazy stupid stuffs.

And guess what? I was almost sick after that. Genius.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fashion post!

A picture of me -- Top & skinny from ZARA. I love this pattern --> Houndstooth.

Enjoy this video from Far East Movement ft. Bingo Players: Get Up

And here you go: Exo, hottest kpop group in Korea with their hottest song: Wolf.

And I'm off!

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