Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I'm a cap addict, I would love to collect caps but its an expensive hobby as a Malaysian. Anyone who owns an authentic cap would know that one cap ranges about RM90 - 150 after currency conversion. As a result, I can only own a few. I've been finding caps all around but the choices are really limited, maybe I havent search in KL Central. And there are too many replicas in Malaysia, buying online would be a safe choice.

I like Running Man and I love those caps Gary and HAHA wear. Those caps look really cool and unique. Recently, I came to know a cap brand from New York called New Era. Remember the Iron Man cap HAHA wore in Avengers episode? Its from New Era. I started to pay attention to New Era and I found their designs are something I would like to own. They also collaborated with people like Andy Warhol and Jeremy Scott. Recently they came out with Marvel series and I love them!

Here are some designs that I like:

HAHA with Iron Man 3 cap. He totally make it so popular among Running fans.

All the colors are so nice!

Jeremy Scott Embellished 59FIFTY Cap

Andy Warhol Multicamo 59FIFTY Cap

Coca Cola Enjoy Coke 59FIFTY Cap

Sorry I'm Fresh Branded Custom Collection 59FIFTY Cap

I figured out that all designs I like are from 59FIFTY section. LOL :P

Check out your favourites: www.neweracap.com/
And follow their official instagram for latest updates: http://instagram.com/neweranyc 

Also, check out these caps from Sakun from Korea. Its something different from other caps. They have really colorful designs and makes you happy just seeing them: http://sakun.co.kr/app/product/detail/1109/0

Giraffe with Sakun G-Cell Cap 2.0(Multi)

I personally want this G-CEO Cap 1.0!

Thats all for today, I will blog more about Indie brands from Korea next time! Ciaoz ;)

Question: Does anyone knows what brand is Gary's caps? 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Frappe Coffee

Frappe Coffee is a quiet and serene place to chill. They play slow love songs and the atmosphere made me feel so relaxing. I like their coffee, they taste good. And they had come out with more choices of cakes. The cafe is situated near Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara. Its just opposite Maybank. I got to know this place when I was checking out brochures in the student affair office. They give discounts if you present their brochures. So, if you're a SEGi student, make sure to check it out.

Orange Cake with Macaron

Chocolate Pyramid Cake with Lemon Filling

Cafe Mocha

Caramel Macchiato

Should always take a pic with coffee stain on lips

 Not forgetting a selfie!

I added a bit of punk in my look: studded collar + big black watch and jeans jacket.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Authentic Or Replica?

I came across a youtube video of YAASUI's and was really inspired to blog a response for the issue discussed in the video.

Please watch it first:


So how many of you actually purposely (or accidentally) bought replicas before? And how many of you don't mind wearing one at all? I've saw websites or blogshops selling labels like Boy London, Celine and etc. for about RM30 per t-shirt. And for that price, I belief people actually know that those are replicas?

The difference between a original and a replica is the quality of the cloth they used to made it. And the printing difference can be spotted easily. Its really a shame if anyone spots you wearing a fake one. For example, imagine you're walking through Boy London's store wearing a fake Boy London T-shirt which the design are not from an authentic Boy London. That will be awkward.

I've never seen these designs in Boy London's official website:

Despite that the fashion designers cannot take any useful actions against this as there are just too many on the market, some people don't actually bother about it. I pity them sometimes because they really put in a lot effort to create their own brand. Now I know that some could not afford pricey authentic items, for example, students or people who doesn't get paid much but want to look like the same as their favourite fashion bloggers/ models/ kpop idols do. You can copy their style, but not necessary the brands they wear. Maybe get something which is similar and cheaper but definitely not a replica. If you want to be fashionable but you support replicas, belief me, people will discover and that is not cool at all. There are ways which you can look just as good wearing cheaper-no-brand-non-replica items. You don't need to copy others to look good. Like the guy in the video said, "Fashion can be bought, but style is born from within". Create your own style!

I admit that I'm quite lucky to be born into a well-off family and despite that I'm still a student, I get the chance to wear branded stuffs my family bought me. I have few DKNY, CK, Ralph Lauren, GUESS etc. in my closets but those are bought from the US, and trust me, they really cost a lot less there. Ask anyone who went there before! I belief the price is triple or more in Malaysia. In my opinion, since I'm only a student, I really don't think its wise for me to buy anything from those higher branded shops. I've never bought anything branded except brands like TopShop, ZARA and Forever21. They are quite expensive too but they are more affordable if you compare to brands like DKNY and etc.. Some people said I'm rich because they always see me wearing those brands. What they don't know is that I only buy discount items. I seldom buy normal price items. I think this is a good way to save and you can get a good quality clothing as well. What I always tell people is: Not everyone is rich, we can't expect to spend like rich people does, I buy non-branded cheap clothes too, sometimes they just cost me about 20. Fashion can be created, its not bound by anything, you can buy cheaper price clothes and still look stylish.

A few times people asked me whether I'm wearing genuine stuffs, but I can proudly tell them, "I only buy real stuffs, if I can't afford a real one, I'd rather not wear a replica."

Respect to those fashion designers! :)

P.S: sorry if anyone feels offended but I'll continue to write whatever I like/ my personal opinion since its my blog. TEEHEE!
(Anyone with any feedbacks are free to write a response in the chat box.)

Sunday, August 18, 2013


OMG guys. I feel so excited! I went and check my Chictopia account and found out that I have 200+ likes for this photo in 2 days! I've only signed up this account and started posting pictures about fashion about 1 week ago. Good start ❤ :D

Thanks guys!

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Are You A Gary Fan?

I admit I'm a huge fan of Running Man, especially Kang Gary. I like the other runningmen and JiHyo too, but what I like about Kang Gary a lot is his "steam"/act dumb face. He never fails to crack me up. His favorite quote - "Stress!" whenever he responded to others fooling around with him and the way he talks is really funny! Not to mention his skill of rapping. He belongs to a group named LeeSSang. I seldom listen to their songs but I fell in love with this one in particularly when I was in my friend's car when he played it. Its called "Nunmul" / "Tears". This song feats YuJin/Eugene from another girl group called SeeYa and her voice is very mesmerizing.

Check the video out, english subtitles are available:
(P.S: people who just went through a break up please don't watch as to prevent flood)

LeeSSang(리쌍) _ Tears(눈물) (Feat. Eugene(유진) of THE SEEYA) MV

Maybe in future I should blog about songs I listen or close to what I feel/ inspire me. I should blog more about Running Man too. ;)

A picture of Kang Gary:


Follow Gary's instagram @http://instagram.com/gaegun

Monday, August 12, 2013

Monochrome anyone?

With sis at Queensbay Mall this evening. We spent so much time in Forever21! Gosh! So many discounts! This shopaholic is happy *heheheh* Wanted to watch Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters and Smurfs 2 but dint. :( 

No inspirations to blog so I'll just post my new looks from today. YAY MONOCHROME! :D

 Tea time! Just realized that I kept wearing this shirt. *Shine bright like a diamond!*

Expression like smelly tofu :(

Phone camera quality really sucks.

My narcissistic selfies :P

Sunday, August 11, 2013

This Is An Emotional Post

I've been thinking of my lack of emotion complains from my friends. I'm not lack of emotions, I just don't know how to express myself. Its like if I show too much and nobody cares, then that'll be awkward, right? And I don't really know how to show more emotions towards people which I'm not very familiar with. I don't feel comfortable showing all my emotions. However, I don't have that problem with my family, my BFFs and animals. So, if people get my poker face, its not that I don't like them, Its my nature. Or maybe I'm not really interested in the conversation's topic but I'm too polite to say sorry, I'm not interested and offend them (which I've already offended some). Or as simple as I'm thinking on how to come out with a good reply. Thus, its really hard for me to get friends which I could hang around with. For that, I really appreciate friends that stay beside me all the time ;)

Besides that, I'm not cold blooded. I do feel like what a normal person feels. I don't like people calling me ice queen and so fort. People who call people cold blooded without a valid reason are really cold blooded themselves.

Thirdly, I know some people who talks badly behind me for leisure. I don't mind for their entertainment. I just don't understand why they forever don't have the balls to confront me. Like I need to continue act dumb? But recently I've just confronted a girl because I beh tahan already and she was shocked. *start complaining non-stop, oops!*

And nowadays I saw a lot of girls throwing tantrums on Facebook due to relationship problems. I'm not a pro/ guru since I've never been in a committed relationship. But here are some things my mama taught me:
1) Never aim for a guy's money, If he loves you, he'll be willing to spend on you, if he's not, even though he's rich like Bill Gates, he won't spend a penny on you.
2) 宁缺勿滥。Sorry, this is kinda hard to translate but I'll make it simple -Never simply accept any guy  just because you can't get a guy.
3) 情人眼里出西施。Not everyone's a pageant queen, there must be a guy who understands your beauty.
4) The guy you love till the end of the world won't love you back/ cheated on you? No worries, there will always be a man at home that treat you sincerely. Or like my mama always told me, love God, love yourself, thats what you should always do.
5) You can't control a guy who doesn't love you and you don't need to control a guy who loves you, he'll control himself.
6) There's still more, but I forgot. Hehehe... I'll add them up here when I remember :P
7) This I add up from myself: Don't try to fake yourself in favor of another person. Imagine you have to fake all the way throughout your life.

Okay the long essay ends here. Despite of the long paragraphs I just wrote, recently, I'm really out of inspirations to blog about.  I need help! Running out of ideas...

Anyway, went to a beach in Batu Feringghi called Miami Beach. Its not really in Miami, its a beach in Penang island. We chose this place cause its less crowded, means we had more privacy. I packed some food I've actually made myself (family helps too), got there, and just sat there and kept eating since I dint have my lunch.

And oh! Not forgetting the pictures! :

 I'm so tan -_-

Golden Sunset

I love the feeling of using feet grabbing the sand

Party non stop!

Was at Gurney Euro Deli yesterday. Beers are really cheap here! If you go before 9pm, you get 1 free pint for every pint. After 9pm, you get 1 free pint for every 2 pints. But since we cant decide how many pints we can finish, we decided to order a tower. Only one kind of german beer (I've forgot whats the name, but I still prefer Erdinger) is available for the tower.

And to our surprise, the tower was amazing! I've never seen a tower so nice! An eiffel! One tower costs about $130. It looks small but its enough for 4 persons. The people beside our table asked if they could take a snap. And they taught us how to take pictures, well sort of, when you want a nice picture of you smiling, you should say "qian!" (钱/money). Why do I always meet funny people everywhere I go?

Sorry my face so white. But make up ma. Pretty ma. Better than ugly. Right? Lol.

The three piggies. Who's affraid of the big bad wolf?


Thursday, August 8, 2013

My LookBook!

I've just create a profile in LookBook. Please take a look if you're interested in fashion (like me!). There are others fashionistas/famous bloggers like Mr. Brian See and Chloe T. as well.

Gurney Paragon again -__-

Went to Paragon to chill because I had nothing better to do. *Sad life is sad* Funny thing happened when I was trying to find an atm machine. A salesman came up and asked me why I kept walking back and forth like a lost sheep. Anyway, Penang was so jam today! Especially at Gurney part, i guess its because of Raya everyone comes back to hometown. I think I better dont drive tomorrow. :(

Rocking this look today:
(Do I look weird?)

View from Starbucks Paragon:

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Keep partying

Met my BFFs from KDU tonight. Was so happy to see them again! After so many years we still talk like last time when we used to see each others everyday. Went to SOHO at Precint 10 afterwards. Just hung around there for an hour. Tired. *yawn*

Monday, August 5, 2013

Gurney Paragon

Gurney Paragon mall is opened! Its just beside G Hotel. I like the infrastructure and view from the top of the mall. Anyone who is in Penang now and hasnt been there before should go take a walk. Its a nice place to chill. It has many pubs and cafes. Too bad most of my Penang friends are not in the island currently. Could use some company in exploring nice places to chill in Penang.

Photos taken in Gurney Paragon:


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Penang!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

I'm back for fun! This island is so full with delicacies and leng zais leng luis.  I'm not bluffin. Come to Penang and you'll know ;) More than that, I was raised here so it feels like home!

So tired I can't smile.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Getting better today, fever and flu stopped but im still coughing. I had a presentation today but luckily my voice did not fail me. Was talking about Conrad Hilton, a successful entrepreneur. I look up on him because he started from scratch and ended up to be one of the most successful person in the world.

Anyway, I look better today, no more red nose and tired eyes.